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About Us

Welcome to the Resource Network.


This website is about… 

Ensuring that every resident within Jefferson County, Ohio will receive the most up-to-date information when trying to locate help with finding a local service provider.  


Our purpose is about… 

Bringing together as many service providers as possible and categorizing them in a way that will allow users to find the assistance they need through a quick and simple process.

For example, if someone needs assistance with their utility bill, they would search the category list and select, “Utilities.” Those area service providers who offer assistance with utilities will be displayed, along with their current contact information.

The Jefferson County Community Action Council is one area agency that assists residents in getting help with their utilities. By clicking on the link to this provider, users will immediately be taken to their website where they should be able to obtain the help they need.

Or perhaps there is a need to reference information regarding how to adopt or foster a pet. This site would direct users to the Jefferson County Humane Society page under the category, “Animals.”  


The Jefferson County Resource Network is also about… 

Coordinating quarterly meetings with area service providers so they may foster positive working relationships with one another. These meetings will allow providers the opportunity to collaborate with one another and identify the various gaps of service within Jefferson County. Once identified, it is our hope to establish these types of service providers in our area so we can ultimately meet the community’s needs. 

If this is an EMERGENCY, please call 9-1-1.
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