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Jefferson County Humane Society-Animal Rescue

200 Airpark Drive, Wintersville, OH 43953

(740) 314-5583

Jefferson County Humane Society-Animal Rescue

Animal Abuse

Description of Services

The Ohio Revised Code states that Humane Agents are appointed and employed by the county humane society. The JCHS Humane Agents are state trained; their appointments by the Humane Society are court certified and they are professional law enforcement with police powers. The goal of the Humane Agents is to make life better for the animals that need help, whether it is owner education or seizure of the animal.

Humane Agents are responsible for investigating animal abuse or neglect cases that have been reported by other law enforcement agencies or reported by concerned citizens. They investigate abuse or neglect reports on all species of animals to ensure the animals involved are cared for properly according to the laws of the State of Ohio.

We are very proud of our Humane Agents and are pleased to say Jefferson County has a very effective Humane Operations Department. Animals have no voice to tell of their pain and suffering. Please be that voice for the animals. If you suspect that someone is abusing, neglecting or has abandoned their pets, please contact us at  (740) 314-5583. Reports of animal abuse or neglect are treated as confidential.

If this is an EMERGENCY, please call 9-1-1.
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